Valerie Taylor Pets Great White

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Some Dudes Who Want to See Sharks Get What They Want

…and then almost die.

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Israel May Be Using Sharks to Strike at Egypt

“A dive captain working in Sharm al-Sheikh also weighed in on the TV show, suggesting that the Mossad may have guided the shark into Egyptian waters through GPS tracking devices.”

via Newsweek

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Sharks, wolves and the ‘ecology of fear’

“We’re now finding that there are many more similarities between marine and terrestrial ecosystems than we’ve realized,” Ripple said. “We need to better understand these commonalities, and from them learn how interactions on land may be a predictor of what we will see in the oceans, and vice versa.”

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BBC: “Shark attacks in Egypt’s Red Sea probed by experts”

“There are fears the shark attacks could hurt Egypt’s lucrative tourism trade.”

“…some said predatory sharks could have been drawn to the area after a ship carrying Australian sheep and cattle for sacrifice during last month’s Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha dumped the carcasses of animals which had died during the voyage.”

“International shark experts are now on their way from the US to help deal with this exceptionally rare series of attacks…”

The BBC link.

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